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Eris, Xena, Discord

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7/8/2015 - Eris, Xena, Discord (Astrology)


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Eris, Xena, Discord
Wednesday, July 8th, 2015
13:25:18 GMT


Here are a few nifty astrological things related to dwarf planet Eris.

First of all, some things I definitely wasn't the first to notice.

The dwarf planet Eris, before it was officially named, was originally nicknamed Xena.

And many years ago, someone on an astrology forum I read pointed out that Lucy Lawless, the actress who played Xena on the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess, has the astrological "Xena" in an interesting position in her astrological chart.

Namely - conjunct her sun, moon, Saturn, ascendant, and lunar node all in Aries, and all in the 1st house.

Plus, since Aries is ruled by Mars (the planet associated with war), this strong emphasis on Aries seems fitting for an actress whose possibly best-known role is a warrior princess. (Best known role to me, anyway - though I also remember her from the remake of Battlestar Galactica.)

In addition, she has Mars in the 1st house. (Though her Mars is in Taurus rather than Aries.)

Here's an interesting page about Eris, with Lucy Lawless's chart near the top, from

Donít Snub Eris - Horoscopic Extremes of the Archetype of Discord

And the AstroDatabank article on Lucy Lawless:

AstroDatabank bio - Lucy Lawless

And now, here's some stuff I noticed on my own. Though it's pretty easy to spot if you have the idea to look, so, it's very possible I'm not the first person to ever notice this. (But, I briefly searched the web, and couldn't find anyone else who already pointed out the following astrological details.)

The TV show Xena: Warrior Princess featured lots of gods and goddesses from mythology, including Greek mythology.

So, some years ago, sometime after Eris was named in 2006 - it occurred to me to wonder if maybe Eris (Roman name: Discordia) was ever portrayed on the show.

And indeed, she was. The actress who played Discord was Meighan Desmond, born October 7, 1977, according to her official bio page.

And, it turns out Meighan has her sun around 13 Libra, opposition Eris/Xena at 13 Aries.

A neat contrast to Lucy Lawless's sun conjunct Eris/Xena. :-) (Though Lucy's aspect between sun and Eris/Xena is less exact - sun at 8 Aries and Eris at 11 Aries.)

The sun is often associated with the archetype of the hero.

So, it's rather neat that the actress who played the hero of the show has sun conjunct Xena (later renamed Eris), while the actress who played Discord, one of Xena's villainous opponents, has sun opposition Xena (later renamed Eris).

It also seems worthwhile to point out the fact that the astrological aspects "conjunction" and "opposition" are opposites of each other.

Because a conjunction means two planets are somewhere around 0 degrees away from each other, which is as close as two planets can possibly get to each other in an astrological chart - while an opposition means two planets are somewhere around 180 degrees away from each other, which is as distant as two planets can possibly get from each other in an astrological chart.

So, interestingly - Lucy Lawless and Meighan Desmond's sun/Eris (Xena) aspect angles are close to complementary of each other.

Or actually, I believe the correct term in geometry is "supplementary" - as in "supplementary angles", which is defined as two angles which add up to 180 degrees.

In astrology, the opposition is one of the aspects most associated with discord and conflict. There are other aspects associated with discord, friction, disharmony - for a few examples: the square, quincunx, sesquisquare, and semisquare.

But, "opposition" probably is the aspect name that actually sounds the most discordant, at least in English, since the term "opposition" is frequently used in ordinary non-astrological English when discussing conflict.

(Though there is also the non-astrological plain English expression/idiom "square off". I wonder if that expression was inspired by astrology?)

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