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Future Plans; and slight changes at Eryss.Com Forum

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12/25/2013 - Future Plans; and slight changes at Eryss.Com Forum (Site Update)


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Future Plans; and slight changes at Eryss.Com Forum
Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
18:16:06 GMT

Site Update

Happy holidays to all!

Today, I finally got around to deleting all of the probable spambot users on the Eryss.Com Forum. Sorry if I accidentally deleted any real people's accounts, and please feel free to re-register!

I also added a new Recommended Music board, and various new marketplace boards, such as boards for offering and requesting free goods or services, and a board which permits barter with money involved (instead of only money-free barter).

Anyway, I don't know if the Eryss.Com Forum will ever become popular, but, even if it never does, I have no plans of taking it down. It's actually a better way to reach me than my spam-ridden mailbox which I seldom bother to even check because I get almost nothing but spam, and I haven't yet implemented a good way to filter my mail.

I have done very little at all to try to promote the Eryss.Com Forum or invite people to it. But, I assume that whenever I finally release a really nice, polished version of the Eryss astrology software, things might pick up someday. Or, maybe if I release some stuff on Astroblahhh.Com that turns out to be popular, and I draw more attention to the Astroblahhh-related boards, things might pick up.

I still have plans of releasing a nice, polished Eryss someday, but, I'm not sure when.

I should definitely sometime release the partly complete AutoHotkey* (AHK) version for Windows. That version of Eryss is actually also mostly functional on at least Linux using Wine*, and probably completely functional in VirtualBox*.

I have scarcely touched the code since November 2011, but even so, it's still useful, and I use it myself from time to time. A little of the code in the PHP Puppy Linux edition of Eryss was based on it.

Anyway, I likely would have released the AHK version fairly soon after the Puppy Linux version of Eryss, if crisis hadn't struck. But, after that, it seemed like it would be rather absurd to make writing and/or releasing astrology software (for no guaranteed or likely pay) a high priority in my life. Perhaps this was a shortsighted misjudgment, but, I think more likely, I had my priorities straight, or at least those priorities straight. :-)

Things have settled down enough that I think I am probably going to release the AHK version in the near future. But, I probably am not going to add much or at all to it.

Partly because AHK is very much a Windows thing (even though lots of AHK stuff can work in Linux via Wine and especially VirtualBox), and I would greatly prefer focusing mainly either on free, libre, open source computing platforms like Linux now, or very cross-platform free/libre/open source things like PHP-GTK*.

And partly because I still don't think it's totally practical for me to devote much time, energy, and effort to astrology software yet.

Someday, I would like to make a PHP-GTK version of Eryss, or some other very cross-platform version. But, everything is far more likely to happen sooner if I am adequately funded.

As always, donations and microdonations and requests for free, libre, open source software and documentation are welcome.

Or, if there are other things you'd like me to consider doing, you can let me know via the Eryss.Com Forum or my currently spam-ridden email address. Or even my Tumblr's Ask or Submit pages.

Regardless of whether anyone donates or hires me or makes requests or comments or not, I'm going to try to release the incomplete (but still useful) AHK version of Eryss before February 2014.

Again, happy holidays to all!

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