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The Eryss.Com Forum is Now Open

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6/10/2013 - The Eryss.Com Forum is Now Open (Site Update)


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The Eryss.Com Forum is Now Open
Monday, June 10th, 2013
15:57:04 GMT

Site Update

I started a forum:

The Eryss.Com Forum

It's about a variety of things, like astrology and astrology software (including, of course, the Eryss astrology software), world financial/economic issues, ideas on how to make money, ideas and requests for free/libre/open source software, other writing, etc. Topics that aren't specifically named can be discussed in the General Discussions board.

A rather unusual thing about this forum is that it allows people to post good/services for sale, auction, barter, or even with pay-what-you-want or pay-what-you-can pricing.

Quite a lot of forums shun commerce and self-promotion, but, this forum welcomes it. :-)

Another (but less) unusual thing about this forum is the moderation style - posts are individually approved or rejected one by one. Someday, perhaps some people will be added to a list of preapproved posters.

This moderation style was inspired mostly by the Usenet newsgroup alt.astrology.moderated, a forum of which I am still fond.

Here's a direct link to the Eryss.Com Forum's Welcome + Forum Rules and Policies post.

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